Who is Hosting this Website?

Detect what hosting company is hosting any given website.

{{ url_host }} is Hosted on {{host_name}}

Best Practices

Hosting Detection

We detect what hosting company is hosting any given website, as long as it exists and is hosted.

Google PageSpeed

We check Google PageSpeed for extra information about the website.

SEO Info

Get a list of SEO subjects and their score on the site detected.

How we Detect Who Hosts that Site

We use several techniques to identify the hosting company that hosts that site.

  • Detect the Host
  • Use the link we provide and go to the host
  • Sign up to that hosting company and migrate your site there

How Does a Hosting Detector Help You?

Say you find a website that loads really fast, or you find a really reliable website and decide that wherever they host their site must be better than what you currently have. All you have to do is:

Easy to edit

Copy the URL

Copy the URL of the site in question

Upload files

Paste the URL

Paste the URL in the tool above and hit the search button

Control schedule


Click on the host we detected for you

Mark tasks

Sign Up

Sign up to the host and move your website there

Hosting Q&A

Using a hosting detector and detecting a hosting company used on a specific site, helps determine if the host used is of high quality.

If you find a high performing website that loads fast and is of high quality, it would be a good idea to host your own website where they do.

In short - a domain name is a name that corresponds to a a specific IP address of a server on the internet.

The domain name is sort of an address while the IP is where the actual website resides. Without a corresponding IP address, a domain name will return no response.

An IP address is a physical address of a server/computer on the internet.

This server/computer hosts your website and makes it accessible.