Does Bluehost Offer Free Migration?

On April 23, 2020, Bluehost started to offer free website migrations for qualifying WordPress websites. This was valid for those when they signed up to their website hosting packages and only for 30 days after that. This offer includes the transfer of one WordPress website and for the review of the website before it went live.

What are the Offer Details?

The offer details were very simple, you could transfer one WordPress.org website to their server. Additional websites must be paid for and any subdomains must count against the transfer. Email accounts were not included and it would take that two or three days after receiving the valid hosting credentials of the previous host.

The offer did not include the domain name transfer. This had to be separate as well.

It is important to note that the website could not be from WordPress.com and you had to be running WordPress 4.7 or later, with PHP 7.0 or later. The website could not be more than 2Gb in file size and have a database that was less than 40MB.

Steps to Migrate your WordPress Website

Here are the steps to migrate your WordPress website to Bluehost.

Step 1- Create Account

The first step of the plan is to create your Bluehost account. You must select a plan at this stage. If you’ve already done this and it has been less than 30 days, you can skip this.

Step 2 – Migration Services

Now you can go to the ‘Migration Services’ page on the Bluehost Marketplace. You can then enter the name of your website that you would like to migrate. This will then run a quick compatibility check for you.

Step 3 – Migration Plugin

Bluehost will then guide you to the Bluehost Migration plugin. This is how you can start the migration process for your website to be moved over to the Bluehost servers.

Step 4 – Migration Process

Once you’ve started the migration process, the team of experts at Bluehost will contact you to help you complete the process. You will then have the chance to review and finalise the transfer. Be sure that you give your website a thorough check as any mistakes at this point cannot be rectified later without a lot more work that might cost you more.

Step 5 – Connect

Now that the migration to the server has been complete, you can connect your website’s files to the domain. The team at Bluehost will be happy to help you get your website connected to your domain within minutes. Once you’re done, your website will be up and running.

Final Word: Does Bluehost Offer Free Migration?

WordPress migration is possible with Bluehost. When you create your account you will be able to get your first website migrated for free. After that, you will need to pay for your website migration.