Does Bluehost Support WordPress Multisite?

While WordPress is known primarily as a site builder and content management system (CMS) for single sites, there are multisite features. These hidden talents within the source code are great for allowing you to create a network of websites that you can use.

With the feature enabled, any user can create an independent network of sites or invite other website developers to create their own sites on the network. These can be used for a variety of educational and commercial purposes.

The multisite option began as a stand-alone application. But it has been a feature of the base code for WordPress since version 3.0. For most people who are running a stand-alone website, this is not going to be at all. However, thanks to the additional code, if you ever wanted to have a group of websites in a hub, you’re able to with WordPress. And this is now without having to create a new installation, web hosting and management options for each one. In theory, you can manage any number of WordPress websites under a single WordPress installation on your hosting account.

What Happens with Multisite?

Once you’ve activated multisite on your website, you can create a network of websites with subdomains on your site. You can also invite others to register with your site and build their own WordPress websites on your network. In this situation, your original WordPress website serves as a nexus for all the sites that make the network. As the webmaster of the main site, you’re the administrator for the network or the Superadmin.

The individual site owners can act as the WordPress admin for their own subdomain sites. But they can’t make network-wide changes that originate from the main site.

Who Needs Multisite?

There are numerous uses for multisite. For instance, educational portals might want to have multisite to split schools, courses, departments and more into smaller groups. Companies that have numerous sites around the country or region might also want to have a website for each location.

Website developers might also use multisite to manage multiple client websites in one go. Or those that want to run an internal business network might also use the multisite.

Does Bluehost Support WordPress Multisite?

Bluehost does support WordPress multisite. You can get this installed for you and you can have support with ease. You can speak to Bluehost to make the changes you need and to recommend what you need to get it working for your website.

Final Word: Does Bluehost Support WordPress Multisite?

WordPress multisite is one of the best features that is hidden among the base code of the WordPress CMS. Bluehost also supports this feature, allowing you to control multiple websites from one main website. This is a great option for those who want to create a hub of websites for specific purposes.

If you want to know more, you can create your Bluehost account and start your multisite network now.