How to Transfer Company Ownership on Kinsta

Kinsta offers a multi-user feature that allows you to create and manage a team. A job shared, especially on website management, is an easier workload for all. There is something everyone can contribute and it means that if the key person who manages your website leaves the team, you’re not left struggling.

However, there is one special role that needs to be managed with ease, that is the company owner role. This role works exactly the same as the company administrator role with one key distinction. The company owner is the only one that can close down the website and the company. Each company using Kinsta can have and must only have one owner. However, it is possible for the website’s ownership to pass between users if necessary.

Why Would you Want to Transfer Ownership?

There are many reasons why you might want to transfer ownership of a website between people. It could be because you give the company’s IT director the ownership of the website and if they leave or are promoted to another job it needs to move to the next person. Or you use another member of staff.

Or it could be that you’ve sold the company and now need to move the website property to the new management team. Or you could be a website developer who has used Kinsta to build a new website for a client and now would like to transfer the ownership of the website to the client so they can take over.

Doing the switch is really simple. But there must be at least one company administrator other than the site owner on your team. It is better if you have two or three.

To complete the process, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Log In

Log into your MyKinsta with the company owner account.

Step 2 – Users

From the main dashboard, you need to go to the ‘Users’ section.

Step 3 – Transfer Ownership

Then you need to click on the ‘transfer ownership’ link that is on the right-hand side of the user’s row.

From there you can see a dialogue box that will allow you to select the user that you wish to transfer the ownership of the company to. You will need to also fill out the password to confirm that you mean to transfer the ownership. This cannot be undone unless the new owner completes the process themselves.

Final Word: How to Transfer Company Ownership on Kinsta

When it comes to transferring ownership of your Kinsta account to a new owner there are several options. Use the above steps to complete the process in as little as two minutes. Be sure that you’ve got at least one company administrator on your account in addition to the owner. And be sure to log into the account as the owner when you want to complete the process.