How to Use Cloudflare With Cloudways

Cloudways offers you a fast hosting package. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the speed of your website. You can connect your Cloudways to the Cloudflare problem for extra speed and benefits.

Why use Cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare can help speed up your website by up to 100%. And it can help your website with the number of requests by 65% and less than 60% less bandwidth. Therefore, your website can build a better reputation online. You can also get an SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is also known to protect the website from Denial of Service attacks. These can help you keep your site upload. In addition, Cloudflare can be used for free, as well as some of the premium options that are available.

The extra benefits of using Cloudflare can help you with conversions and SEO rank.

How to use Cloudflare on Cloudways

Here are the instructions on how to use Cloudflare on Cloudways.

Step 1 – Create your Cloudflare Account and Add Website

The first thing you should do is to visit the Cloudflare website and create a new account. You only need to use an email and password.

Step 2 – Add Domain

Now you can enter the domain that you would like to have on the Cloudflare system. When you’ve entered the domain click on the ‘Begin Scan’ option. You don’t need to enter the www of the domain.

Cloudflare will then scan the domain’s DNS records. This can take about 60 seconds to complete. When the scan has completed, you can click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3 – Change DNS Records

Now you can route the CNAME, A Records and others through the Cloudflare servers by clicking on the gray cloud icon. You should save this information for later.

Step 4 – Select Plan

You should select the plan that you need for your website. You can choose the free plan if that is the most suitable for you.

Step 5 – Log Into your Domain Registrar

Now you need to log into your domain name registrar. This is where your domain name was bought.

Step 6 – Head to the Nameserver Records

Now you need to go to the nameserver records area on the domain registrar and add in the Cloudflare nameservers. You can confirm this through the Cloudflare. Once you’ve confirmed the changes, that is it.

Final Word: How to Use Cloudflare With Cloudways

When it comes to speeding up your website, one option for your Coudways website available is using Cloudflare. There is even a free plan that allows you to improve your website’s speed without any additional cost. It takes a little bit of work, but the benefits of using Cloudflare are well worth the time investment.