What Hosting Supplier Should I choose on Cloudways?

When you signup to Cloudways and are looking to start your first server, you need to select a hosting supplier. How can you choose between the different hosting suppliers that are available? Here are some tips.

Why are There Different Hosting Suppliers on Cloudways?

There are lots of different hosting suppliers on Cloudways and the choice between them can be staggering. There are hosting providers who offer cheaper options from those that are comparable to shared or VPS hosting solutions and there are other more premium options like Google and Amazon.

While you can often get your own account with some of these hosts, they’re not the best options for many who don’t have the skills. Cloudways offers managed hosting solutions that allows you to have a better performing website without the problems of having to spend hours ensuring everything is up and running.

How to Choose Between Hosting Suppliers?

There are many different factors that make the difference in which hosting supplier you would like to use on Cloudways. Here are some of the factors that you might want to consider:


The first is obviously cost. Some of the servers that you can use on Cloudways cost as little as $10 per month while others can cost $100s. The budget you have is really important in deciding the supplier that you would like to use.

It is important to also remember that there is a charge for the data that you’re using in the backups. This is important because it is added to your monthly bill.

Server Locations

Another important consideration is the location of the servers. All the providers have locations across the world but in different areas. If you want your website to rank high and perform best for those in Asia, there are severs that are based there. If you need a server that is better for EU or UK audiences, there are servers in lots of locations that can suit you here.

Choosing the right location is really important. Better speed on your website means that you can generate more revenue. Research has shown that for every second that it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. A server located close to your audience will load websites quicker and therefore earn you more revenue.

Scalability and Resources

Not all suppliers are the same. Some of them have more or fewer resources. So you have to choose the supplier that offers the scalability and resources that you require for your website. Some of the suppliers that you have available have minimum levels that can not be downgraded, and these might be too much for your brand.

Final Word: What Hosting Supplier Should I choose on Cloudways?

When it comes to starting on Cloudways, one of the first choices that you have is which Cloudways cloud hosting provider your choose. There are lots to choose between and the above factors are the major areas to think about. So which provider will you use? Signup to Cloudways now and find out which is the best option for you.