How to Scale a Server on Cloudways

Websites, even those on the Cloud, have limited resources. These resources control the functions, storage and speed of the website. If you’re looking to get a website that can either have more data stored on it or be faster, then you might need to consider scaling up your Cloudways server.

What are the Advantages of Scaling up?

There are numerous advantages of scaling up your Cloudways server. For one, it can improve speed. Speed is a vital metric on websites. Speed can be directly linked to ranking on search engines (they prefer faster websites) and conversions. For every second that it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue.

Therefore, it is always important to improve your website’s speed. There are several ways of doing this, but improving the resources associated with your server is one way.

Another important factor is that you can also add more data to your website. If you’re a photographer, eCommerce store or someone else using lots of info, then you can take up a lot of memory. You might need to add more to your server to add more data and files to your website.

Finally, by scaling up you can accept more visitors to your website without performance issues. This is often the case if you have low bandwidth.

The downside of scaling up your server on Cloudways is that it is going to be more costly. Therefore, you will always need to balance your needs of the website with the needs of your budget. Some servers on Cloudways can be hundreds of dollars per month. Others can be much cheaper.

How to Scale Up your Cloudways Server

Adding more resources to your server on Cloudways is really simple. You can do it within just a few clicks. The first thing you will need to do is to log into your Cloudways account and access the server that you would like to add resources to. Then head into the ‘Server Management’ area and then click on the option that reads ‘Vertical Scaling’. Within this area, there should be something called ‘Server Management – Vertical Scaling’. You can then move the slider to the right. This will increase the resources that are assigned to your server.

As you move the slider to the right, the new costs of that server will be displayed to you. Remember that backup costs are added to this afterwards.

When you’re happy, you can click on the ‘Scale Now’ button.

Final Word: How to Scale a Server on Cloudways

Scaling a server on Cloudways is really simple and can be done within a few clicks. Scaling helps you to build a strong website that has better performance. This can help you with your website’s speed, ranking and conversions.