How to Make Cloudways Faster for WordPress

Cloudways is already a very fast service that allows you to have a great website that will load quickly. However, there are times when you might want to have your Cloudways WordPress website faster.

A fast website loads quicker when a customer visits your site. The faster the website the higher it will rank on Google. This leads to more traffic to your website. In addition, a faster WordPress offers you higher revenue potential. For every second that it takes for your website to load, you will be losing about 7% of your revenue.

Here are several options that can help you to have a faster Cloudways WordPress website.

Choose a Better Cloud Host and Location

Cloudways allows you to connect to several different cloud hosting platforms. Not all of these are equal and there are some that offer better performances than others. Therefore, you might want to upgrade your server to one of the better performers.

You might also want to change server location. If your main audience is located within the UK, you will need to have a server in the UK or Europe. This will reduce loading times than having a website server in the USA.

Increase Server Resources

When you choose your server, then you can select the resources you need. However, you can improve your website’s speed by improving the resources that are attached to your website. This can include the CPU cores, RAM, storage and bandwidth.

Adding resources to your website is really easy. You can increase the server resources within just a few clicks. To do this, you need to click on your server and then go into your ‘Server Management’ and then ‘Vertical Scaling’. Then you should see something like ‘Server Management – Vertical Scaling’. Then you can move the slider to the right and this will increase the resources. You will also see the new costs for the package you have.

When you have something that you’re happy with you can click on the ‘Scale Now’ button.

Update PHP Version

If you’re running an older PHP on your WordPress website, then you might have performance issues. You can always improve the speed of your website by updating your WordPress website to the latest PHP version.

This can be done within the ‘Server Management’, ‘Settings & Packages’ and then ‘Packages’.

Update MariaDB Version

MariaDB is the Cloudways equivalent to MySQL. It has been found to be faster and more efficient, therefore it is an excellent tool. However, for compatibility reasons, it isn’t always the latest version that is on your WordPress website. Under the PHP version, you will see an option to update MariaDB version.

Install Server Caching

You should have some server-level caching system activated on the server of your Cloudways account. However, you can improve performance when you install Redis. Redis reduces the number of requests that have to be made for a page to be rendered. Therefore, the speed of the website is improved.

Redis is a great service and it can be uninstalled if you want to remove it.

Install a CDN and Caching Plugin

A Content Delivery Network is a great option at improving your loading times. It basically allows your visitors to get assets served to them from a server that closer to them. Cloudways does offer a CDN, but there is a charge for the bandwidth. Alternatively, you can use Cloudflare which offers a free option for you.

You can also use a caching plugin, like Breeze.

Final Word: How to Make Cloudways Faster for WordPress

Your website’s performance is heavily linked to your speed. So if you’re running a WordPress website on Cloudways and you want to have a faster website, then you can try one of the several options above.