Does Cloudways Have a VPS?

The difference between the Cloud Hosting platforms and the VPS hosting solutions is very confusing for those that don’t know the difference. Most people within the industry are using the term ‘Cloud Hosting’ as a buzz word and when people talk to Cloudways, one of the biggest questions is whether Cloudways has a VPS.

The basic concept between Cloud hosting and VPS are the same. The basic concepts are the same in how the technologies work. However, reliability, flexibility and availability are major separations between the two.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is sometimes called the ‘Private Cloud’. It is based on servers which are connected with the virtualization mechanism.

The architecture is such that there are multiple individual dedicated slots on a virtual machine. Each slot can be assigned to specific and dedicated resources.

The problem is that with VPS there are problems when a slot or resources goes offline. In these circumstances, websites can crash and be offline. This will impact the success of your business and can really harm your profits.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is the top-of-the line option that allows you to have a high level of redundancy and more. The performance of those on the cloud is really good and website speed can be the key to success for any business. Websites on the cloud are accessible anytime, anywhere. This is because resources for each website are replicated across the cluster. Therefore, if one server has the maximum level of traffic it can sustain, the remaining traffic and details are routed to another idle server within a cluster.

In other words, cloud-based hosting runs the services on numerous servers simultaneously.

This provides the website owner with a higher level of reliability. If something fails or is attached, the website will stay online.

Is Cloudways Cloud-Hosting or VPS?

One of the big problems with cloud hosting is that it is very challenging for the average person to comprehend. Most small business owners who do not work within website design or development will struggle. That is why Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting.

Their server management system allows you to choose between lots of different cloud platforms with servers based in numerous countries. These main servers allow you to have speed and thanks to the servers that can be located closer to your main audience. This improves the performance of the website with higher revenues, more traffic and more.

Final Word: Does Cloudways Have a VPS?

Cloudways is technically a VPS for the cloud as it using many of the same aspects as a traditional VPS. However, Cloudways takes it to the next level by using cloud-based infrastructure for better performance.

If you would like to know more about Cloudways, then you can signup for the free trial. Then you can use any of their hosting partners for a few days while you setup your website.