What's the Difference Between Cloudways and Regular Hosting?

There are many differences between Cloudways and other regular hosting packages that you might find. But if you don’t know the difference, then it can be hard for you to know whether or not Cloudways is worth the additional cost. So here are some of the factors that you need to consider when you’re looking at the different options for you.

Cloudways is Cloud-based Hosting

The first factor is to consider that regular hosting is about hosting your website on a single server. When your website’s server goes offline, then your website is unavailable. This can be challenging as it means that you lose out on traffic, reputation and possibly revenue. It can also damage your ranking on Google.

This can be hard to recover from. Luckily, most outages on traditional hosting is because of something as simple as planned maintenance and usually done at low-traffic levels. That said, there are times when power cuts, equipment failures and cyber attacks can cause outages.

With cloud, which is the model that Cloudways works, you have numerous servers that really hold your website. This makes your website a lot more sustainable and reliable. If the main server that your website is hit by a performance issue, then you know that your website will be okay and still visible because other website servers will take over the performance.


Traditional hosting is harder to scale than with Cloudways. You can add certain elements like memory and other features, but depending on the platform you’re using, the scalability can take a lot of time.

With Cloudways, the scalability can be done instantly and you can just say what you need. At the same time, the costs are transparent so you can see what the new levels will be.

It is also important to note that if you’re looking to scale down on your website’s needs, then you can do this easier with Cloudways.


Another factor to consider is that your website will be backed up automatically on Cloudways. This is not the case on traditional servers. The backup is taken every day and therefore, if there is a problem with your website, then you can revert back to the previous version of your website.

Server Locations

Finally, you can have more choice over the location of your website’s server. Cloudways has servers that are across the world. Whereas traditional hosting platforms tend to have one or two servers, most of which are based in the US. While this is okay for US only stores and websites, it isn’t always best.

Therefore, with Cloudways you can have more speed to the customers that you want to serve more. If you’re based in the EU or UK, this can be a very important factor.

Final Word: What's the Difference Between Cloudways and Regular Hosting

There are numerous differences between Cloudways and regular hosting. In effect, those that choose Cloudways is that you can have a website that is faster, ranks higher and is more cost effective in the long term. While traditional hosting has its place, those that want to succeed more online can only benefit from using Cloudways.