How to Start a Blog With Bluehost?

Blogging is a vital part of running an online business. Research has shown that with blogging you can increase the traffic and conversions on a website with useful articles. Starting a blog with Bluehost is really simple, all you need to do is to install WordPress on your account and attach it to a domain name. As soon as you’ve done that you can use the core features of WordPress to create a blog.

What are the Advantages of a Blog?

There are numerous advantages of having a blog on your website. For one, it can help you portray the expertise, experience and more of you. This can help build trust with an audience and improve conversions.

In addition, blogs are a natural way to grow traffic. You can use blogs as a way to attract audiences to click through from social media content to your website. This can be one of the main drivers of traffic and can be a good strategy. Those on social media have already built a good relationship with them and this can count as a touchpoint. You need about 8-12 touchpoints for a conversion. So with social media and a blog post, you get a quarter of the touchpoints you need.

Another advantage of blogging is that it can increase the number of keywords you can have for your website. The more keywords the higher the levels of traffic you can get from search engines. You should be getting about 70% of your traffic from search engines.

Finally, blogging is good for customer engagement. Blogs can help you engage audiences with comments and social shares. They can also be used to secure leads by using popup forms and other subscription tools to increase your brand’s mailing list.

Top Tips for Blogging

If you’re looking to blog, you need to ensure that you’re not wasting your time. There are several good practices that you need to be doing for this to happen.

The first tip is to publish regularly. The most successful blogs are those that are updated regularly. At least 15 times a month you should be publishing content. At the same time, you should create a lot of content on the page. Most high-ranking blog posts are over 1250 words. This is a lot to write regularly, but it can yield really good results.

Finally, you want to incorporate videos and images where possible. This can help with rankings, especially if you use SEO tactics.

Final Word: How to Start a Blog With Bluehost?

When it comes to blogging on your Bluehost account, you can use WordPress. This is easy to install and you can publish your blog within minutes. It is a great option and with lots of customizations to make your blog look easy.

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